This Is Your Wake Up Call

All around the country, the conversation and prayer in our churches has been centered on the Littleton, Colorado incident. Our godless politicians and news commentators have brazenly offered every secular solution under the sun. They use the word prayer as if they know what it means. But I have yet to see or hear anyone in the media address the issue with any Spiritual guidance.

There’s an old joke that involves asking someone if they know the difference between ignorance and indifference. In the joke the person supposedly answers ‘I don’t know and I don’t care.’ I’m afraid that the story also describes us, the Church. We’re ignorant of God’s spiritual laws for the body of believers called the Church and, worse, we don’t care!

Littleton happened as a result of spiritual warfare. Sadly, children died because the Church has become weak and defeatist. In fact, it’s about as weak as a 90 year-old toothless man. Satan has become so successful against us that we (the Church) comfortably live in constant sin. Most of us don’t even attempt to clean up our lives. We don’t pray fervently, in fact our prayer lives are dismal. We may take the time to speak to the Lord when we eat, when we’re in trouble, or when we want something (usually for ourselves). We know nothing about intercession and, except for a handful of old timers in the congregations, there is very little intercessory prayer in the church today. We’re losing the spiritual war and being hurt because we’re ignorant and indifferent.

If you stop to take the time to evaluate the potential destruction that these two teenagers had previously planned and the explosives they brought into the school, it is quickly apparent that they could have easily carried out the majority of their plan to kill over 500 people. You then have to ask yourself what happened. Why did they stop after 13 murders, taking their own lives? I believe that the only thing that stopped them were the prayers of classmates, teachers, parents and those that quickly responded to the nationally televised news flash by dropping to their knees. Praise God that there were Christians who were properly prepared, having the full armor of God, who were able turn the tide of this battle once it had started. But we never should have allowed it to happen in the first place. We could have prevented it.

Frankly, I’m fed up with a Church that can’t expect victory over Satan. That can’t expect healing. That can’t expect results in the area of repentance and salvation for the lost. And can’t expect miraculous change in the lives of their new believers. When the disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t heal the young boy He told them in Matthew 17:20 Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. But the modern Church has been taught and conditioned to operate in a defeatist mode. Our pastors don’t even believe in the power of God any more, much less the flock to which they minister. Our ‘healing’ evangelists carefully avoid the truly lame or disfigured instead praying for and curing headaches.

We ARE NOT supposed to be weak, 90 year-old, toothless men when it comes to our spiritual lives. We are fully empowered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! But if you want to have the kind of power that God has and exerts, as is described in Acts 1:8, then you have to get the sin out of your life! You have to learn His word! You have to pray fervently! James 5:16 says The fervent prayer of a righteous man is effective. But we leave ourselves open to manipulation and trickery by our adversary, the Devil. We’re afraid to pray for fear of not getting results. And we’re afraid of not getting results because we know in our hearts that we’re not really living for the Lord.

We need to get angry with Satan. He’s beating us up every day because we remain IGNORANT of God’s spiritual laws and because we don’t care enough to learn them. We don’t have to be sick ourselves and we don’t have to watch people die. We need to stop making excuses for our prayer failures by saying that ‘it must be God’s will.’ That’s a lie from hell! Just like Matthew chapter 17, it’s our failure. It’s our lack of faith usually due to our refusal to let go of known sin in our lives. It’s our refusal to stop watching garbage on TV, disgusting movies and attending sports events rather than church because we’re WEAK and we’re living in the world. We’re even worse than those mentioned in Matthew 17:17 ‘Oh unbelieving and perverse generation’, Jesus replied, ‘how long shall I put up with you?’

Don’t make excuses about hanging around with the worldly because you’re supposed to show them your Christianity. Instead, show them your Christianity by healing their sick parent or child when the doctors can’t. Show them your Christianity by being able to lead lost people to the Lord because the Holy Spirit is dripping off of you!

For many of us, when it comes to our spiritual ability and authority, we’re no more effective than the lost and that’s not God’s will! It’s because we’re LUKEWARM in our faith and we’re in big trouble! Littleton and the others before are only the beginning, Church. We’re absolutely not ready for what Satan is planning for us in the last days!

Satan isn’t playing golf, waxing his BMW or out shopping for a big-screen TV. He and his demons are fully dedicated to the task at hand which is taking Christians out of the battle. He knows our weaknesses and fully exploits each of them. Satan knows those that he can turn away from God by hurting or tempting them. Any member of our families might be next on his list. Are you praying FERVENTLY and effectively for your family to be protected and blessed every day?

If you, or one of your children, were in a situation like Littleton, would you stand up with authority, putting a hand toward the gunmen, and say ‘In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, you have no authority here?’ Would you quote Isaiah 54:17 and say ‘No weapon formed against us will prevail?’ What do you think would have happened if someone in Littleton had done that with God’s authority and power? If you think they would have been shot then you’re already defeated.

If, because of a lack of intercessory prayer, it happens to one of us tomorrow, will we be prepared to stop Satan’s plan dead in its tracks? Or will we be in the crowd after it’s all over, praying for comfort and peace for ourselves or the families and friends of the dead and wounded? When are you going to get ready?