Timeless and Supernatural

The Lord has given me another lesson about dates and time that has totally changed my way of thinking. What I was told is tremendously important, yet it is not described easily – so please be patient. As I listen to people give their testimonies, including some excellent guest pastors, I can’t help but wince when they tell a congregation what year, day, and time they were born again. I’m one of those people who can’t remember the exact date and time that I was born again, but I remember the experience like it was yesterday. I’m absolutely certain that my salvation experience isn’t of a lesser quality because I didn’t write the date and time in my first bible or in my PalmPilot. But I fail to understand why this man or woman feels that the exact date and time of their salvation is important to me. What if their declaration makes some other person, who hasn’t grown in their faith yet, question the validity of their salvation? So, we have the beginning of the description of the problem. It seems a lot of Christians are ‘hung up’ on dating not only their salvation experience, but every other event of intercession or interaction with the Lord as well. When I hear someone do it, it troubles me and here’s why.

God’s word tells us to bring to memory the things He has done for us and I firmly believe that keeping a journal is an absolute must for every Christian. In fact, Psalms 77:11 tells us ‘I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember thy wonders of old.’ Remembrance of the things He has done builds faith, and accumulating a long list of items builds even more faith.

Satan is the acknowledged expert at corrupting and perverting God’s work. The Lord has led me to the understanding that, when we make the date of a supernatural event as important as the memory of the event itself, we are allowing Satan to subtly steal God’s glory in our lives. Ask yourself what’s more important, the fact that the Lord miraculously healed a young woman, or that He did it on Monday, July 26th, 1999? How is it that a supernatural event that results in us weeping with joy, our spirit soaring in the clouds and us going out and standing stones on end, is often forgotten and pushed aside within weeks? It is because Satan’s civilization (the world) cultivates an obsession with ‘relevance’ and ‘timeliness.’ And that behavior results in us arriving at a point where even significant events are old after a week. Our mind creates a chronology of everything that occurs in our lives, eventually shuffling the oldest events off the end of our memory shelf. By firmly attaching a date to a significant event we create a hook that enables that behavior, thus allowing Satan to use dates and time itself as major weapons against us. But the things the Lord has done, is doing and will do must remain timeless.

Even though the Lord tells us that, as Christians, we should rely on signs and not timetables, we still base our very lives, including our prayer, praise and worship with our Father on a worldly time schedule. Satan uses dates and time to bind our Christian experiences and our lives to his world. It is a chain that must be broken! We are convinced that we never have enough time, and the act of trying to manage it is often a source of worry and fear. But we have not been given the spirit of fear. At the core of this lesson is the fact that our relationship with our Lord and Savior must literally transcend time itself. It must be a continuous and supernatural experience. The Lord desires a NOW relationship. The things He does around us and in us should be remembered constantly.

It is no coincidence that the Hebrew language has no words to convey tenses such as past, present or future. Instead, God speaks of the future in terms such as ‘your children’s children’ and the past as ‘in the days of Abraham’ or ‘In the days of Noah.’ The Hebrew language is a NOW language. I believe that, as Christians, when it comes to the supernatural things of the Lord, we should become Israelites in our thinking. What is important is that something happened. When it happened is unimportant.

I’m not telling anyone to throw their calendars, clocks and watches away. They are a necessary evil when dealing with the world. I am telling you to stop polluting and eroding the Lord’s work by nailing it to your worldly calendar, clock or watch. As Christians, we must stop trying to relegate a supernatural relationship to natural terms. The ‘Spiritists’ and Wiccans have no problem relating to the spirit (demon) world. They perceive the difference between the physical world and the spirit world and easily switch back and forth between the two. We, on the other hand, always seem to try to fit God into our physical world. But our relationship with the Father, Son and Spirit is purely supernatural. It cannot be explained in physical, worldly terms, nor can it be lived that way. We, as the Church, must move completely into the Spiritual realm and bask in the Lord’s works and blessings continuously.