Todd Bentley Revival

Dear Follower of Jesus:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Todd Bentley Revival. We have been asked if this is revival, and I will answer that question in this letter along with a few other concerns. I have read many communications; some from Christian ministers who are voicing their apprehensions, and others from those who seem to be in favor of Todd’s work in Florida. As a result, I was left with a need to spend time before the Lord in order to fully ascertain His position on this move. I did think God was pouring out a blessing, but to what degree we could label it, I could not say until I went to Florida myself – which I did, just recently.

Spirit or Flesh

1. In every move of God, unfortunately, there is a percentage of flesh as well as Spirit. We diminish what God can and would do through us by the amount of flesh we, as ministers, yield to in our every day walk. My understanding of Todd as a minister is that he is still young and growing in ministry. Does he yield to the flesh? Yes, as much a most ministers do in the Church. I say this because of what I personally observed in that both elements, the holy and the flesh, were apparent.


2. When a person moves in the supernatural and has discourse with angels, it is particularly important to have a pure heart. Otherwise, he can find himself in the field of dreams and deluding spirits. If, in fact, Todd is saying that his angels are coming to him and talking to him constantly, as I am hearing him say, then I have reason for concern. When I went to Lakeland to see first-hand what was occurring, never once did I hear Todd or any of his team mention angels. Therefore, I cannot by personal observation say that he is excessive. I am concerned abut the tattoos and body piercings as it is contrary to Scripture, and can open doors to the wrong spirit. However, at this time, I have to say that we need to leave this with the Lord and His judgment as to whether or not, in getting these, Todd was acting in obedience to God’s direction. At this point in time, I think it is a minor issue and does not need to become a major one. As to Florida, I do not believe that there is a false spirit involved with the ministry that is going forth. In fact, I have encouraged our whole ministry team to go if they have a chance.

God’s Power

3. Many have been raised from the dead and many healings of notable interest have been cited. The Spirit of the Holy One does heal personally, but He also uses His holy angels to work with healing ministries to accomplish this, contrary to the opinion of some. In fact, I would say in truth, angels sent as ministering spirits from the throne of God are the instruments of healings more than anyone would probably know. Although I have never made a big issue of it in my own ministry, I have found heaven’s messengers far more active than you could imagine. For Todd to say that he has seen angels actively imparting healing only shows us that God is fulfilling His word in Heb. 1:14. As we look into the past, we can see that obsession with this phenomenon seems to grip the immature church fairly often. The seasons of this seem to ebb and flow like the tide. We should pray that God will restore the focus upon Jesus where it is lacking.

The Word

4. The Word is an important aspect of a Christian minister’s ministry. I noticed that they preached the Word in every service that my colleagues and I attended. I think this is important since we know that when the Word is put on the shelf, eventually everything else begins to crumble. Whether you put dreams and visions or healings in its place, you are still, eventually heading for trouble. I do not have a problem if the Word is not taught in absolutely every service in Florida. I think, at least from what I observed, that there is enough of the Word going forth.

Healing Revival

5. The question I am most often asked is: Is this a healing revival? I would say that the evidence is that we are seeing, at the very least, a healing move occurring in Florida, and it seems to be spreading to other parts of the country. For this, I am very happy. Is it revival? My perception after having gone to Florida is that it is a healing revival. If you need healing and feel the Lord would heal you if you go in faith, then go! However, keep your focus on Jesus.

Is Todd Trustworthy?

6. Can Todd be trusted? This is another important question we are being asked. I have to say that the only One we can truly trust is our Lord Jesus Christ. Man can and will fail. We can praise the Lord for the harvest and for His apparent work in Florida, and we can pray that God will purify it by purifying his ministers. Also, we must trust that all which is said and done will line up with the Word, as the Spirit and the Word must agree. (1 Jn 5:7,8) Todd does teach some things that oppose good and safe doctrine, and therefore I feel a carefulness about some of his teachings is in order. However, he does and says far more things that are right than those which are out of place. I have seen that he has great faith for healings and miracles. These are gifts of the Spirit as listed in 1 Cor. 12 & 13. If you take your children to the crusades and are concerned over Todd’s appearance, simply explain to your children that Todd is answerable to God for his body, just as we are. Let God be his judge. Encourage them not to look at his appearance, but to look to Jesus and receive what Jesus has for them while they are there.

It is never good to look too much to man as everyone is fallible. Look to Jesus and become a student of the Word. Pray for His chosen vessels and don’t lift them up beyond what is healthy. If we do these things, God’s ministers will endure being used by Him and we will not fail them if they fail. We as well are all clay vessels, and need your prayers more than we may tell you. Therefore, in this case, pray for Todd Bentley. He is a son of the Church and therefore our spiritual charge. God will hold us accountable for this instruction.

Until otherwise further notice, although I admit that what is occurring is a bit unconventional, I cannot discount Todd’s move of God and I feel it should be embraced. I would say, go if you are looking for God to touch you, and stay sensitive to the Lord – and not man – while you are there.

In His Love,

Nita Johnson and Staff


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