Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Part II

I deeply feel for all of you who are going through struggles right now. It is my goal that somehow, by reading these messages, your faith might be strengthened, and that your inner being might be encouraged.

Jesus said, “Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places, seeking rest, and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came’; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order. Then it goes, and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first.” (Matthew 12:43-45).

Some people carry with them a “heavy spirit,” or an “unclean spirit,” and are unwilling to “snap right out of it.” They could get free if they wanted to, if they diligently applied themselves to prayer, fasting, praise, proper sleep and exercise (in regard for God’s temple), consistent fellowship, learning to rest in God instead of striving and trying to please Him in the flesh, applying the principles of forgiveness which Jesus teaches in His word, learning to cast our cares and burdens upon the Lord, as described in Matthew 11:28-30 and 1 Peter 5:7, and diligent, regular, Bible study and devotional times, which God states brings the blessing of God on people (Psalm 1 and others).

How many of us are bound up emotionally, physically perhaps, or otherwise? Are we really willing to deal with the issues? We must be willing to deal with them, if we ever hope to be free. The warning is to us all, myself included (I must continually examine myself). If we are not willing to deal with the issues, then our last state may become worse than our first (Matthew 12:45). We ought to be careful. These are truthful words — yes, cutting, but let them cut out the right things out of us, so that Jesus Himself can enter in by His Spirit, who longs to fill us. “Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to [us].” (Isaiah 30:18a).