Wake Up, Christians!

My Dear Christian Friend,

Ever wonder why
Revival never comes?
Why the lost never
Understand our pain
And love for them?
Why they seek not eternal,
But worldly gain?

Ever wonder why
For you faith is so easy,
But for them to believe,
They called it unsane?

Grief, oh great grief!
That the lost remain unfound!

Grief, oh great grief!
That our savior crying,
Days after days,
For people lost and not found!

Grief, oh great grief!
That what is so simple,
The lost reject!

Grief, oh greatest grief…
Is not them not believing,
But you stop praying!

Do you pray?
Are the lost your top priority,
The top of your prayer list?
Or are they simply
Matters that concern you
Less than your career,
Or money, or food?

Where is that Christian love,
Christ commands us to have?
Where is your mercy
And compassion,
On them that not yet see?

Revival! Oh, come revival!
The lost be saved!
The lost be saved!

It sure wouldn’t be hard,
To set aside time each day,
For us to pray!

Think of our savior,
Think of his great love,
Will you not prefer to see his smile,
Over his pain-stricken tears?

You are concern for money,
And all material things
But you forget for a moment,
Those destined for a horrible eternity!

Tell me, honestly.
What is more important?
Your money or their lives?
Your money or their lives?

I believe you do share
A burden for the lost like me.
But because of daily problems,
This burden you temporarily forgot.

Why no revival?
Why people remains unsaved?
Why don’t we see the power of
The Holy Spirit,
Like in the days of Acts?
Why? Why?

We are the “Why”!
You and I,
We contribute to the postponement
Of the greatest revival ever seen!
Here is why.

We cheat, we lie, we steal.
We are no imitators of Christ.
We pray, we fast, we give tithes,
But when we do so,
We do it with hearts not right.

Because of our salvation,
We grow arrogant,
Embracing a “Holier than thou” attitude,
Indulging in self-righteousness,
And forgets that God commands us to be humble,
And that once,
We too were sinners not found.

We embrace the Lord,
We seek him so greatly,
But this happens greatly,
Only on a day called Sunday.

We ask for a revival,
But looks what happens
In our church?

We quarrel, we divide,
We do not unite.
Each thinks each is right.
Each refuses to submit,
Each refuses to give up each rights.
We organize lots and lots
Of salvation programs,
But the most important thing,
Our prayers,
We throw that aside,
Believing that without little prayers,
Everything will still turns up right.
Friend, is this right?

God is the one with power,
Not man.
In all you do,
Pray first before you plan.
A program you plan,
With the support of prayer,
This program God will bless.
But when you plan,
But do not pray,
The program has no power,
It has only plans!

Let us not quarrel,
Let us rest.
Take out our own plank,
And criticize not our brothers.
Judge them not!
Do what is best for them!
Only rebuke them, when
Your intention for them is for their best.
And never be a hypocrite,
Rebuking them for the exact same sins,
You yourself commit.

Pray for the lost,
Pray it right,
Salvation for them,
Come first,
Not your money or your pride.
Be willing to forgive,
Never gives in to hate,
Never forgets that the very people you hate,
God has love them,
As much as you.

When you give tithes,
Do so cheerfully,
And when you pray and fast,
Do it for the right purpose.
Let it not be money, success or fame,
That you pray and fast.
But let your praying and fasting
Be for the lost souls out there,
In need of the forgiveness of God!

Finally, friend,
Live right!
Be holy,
Let us be imitators of Christ!