Wander, Wander

Wander, wander. I knew the Lord was leading me through the lab. I didn’t know where he was leading me to. Soon, I was just about 1/2 way back, when I spotted a man that I had seen before, but I didn’t know his name.

We glanced at each other, as if to say, “hi there”, and then I approached him.

“Hi, what’s your name?” I said.

“My name is Glen,” the man responded (not his real name).

“My name is Danny,” I replied. “Are you a Christian?” I said.

I could say that because of how the Holy Spirit was moving. Even though this was, essentially, the first time that we really ever conversed, there was a genuine liberty in the air. I think you know what I mean. If you are a Christian, then — as the Bible explains — the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. If that is the case (and it is), then He (the Holy Spirit) also knows how to give you ‘cues’ concerning another person.

In this case, the Holy Spirit clearly gave me the ‘cue’, “It’s okay to be open and frank with this man. He’s on your level.” Wow. That’s a nice cue to have.

I’m grateful to the Holy Spirit for that. I’m grateful that he would give me a cue like that. And the more I live as a Christian, the more essential I see that these cues are. The more I learn to abide in his presence, the more I am able to ‘hear’ these cues. And the more I am able to ‘cue in’ to these cues, the less unnecessary offense I provide towards others, and the more effective I can be for God’s kingdom. (PS: Offense may sometimes be necessary, but all too often it is born of the flesh and not of the Spirit.)

In the end, Glen and I had a wonderful, Holy Spirit-filled conversation. Glen responsed with an enthusiastic “Yes” to my question, which opened up a great big door of effective ministry between him and I: Glen had recently experienced the anniversary of his father’s death, and was immediately open to sharing that with me. As you can appreciate, this led to a wonderful conversation in which we were able to immediately engage ourselves in spiritual matters — matters of deep importance to both Glen and myself. It all happened because I was able to hear the cue that the Lord had provided, “It’s okay to be open with this man.”

The more I live as a Christian, the more I understand how important it is to live by the leading of the Holy Spirit — this is what I call ‘cues’ in my write-up above. I hope that you, too, are attentively listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you, every step of the way! It could mean a great deal for one very important person on God’s hit list, not to mention the rewards of joy that you yourself will receive in having been obedient to God’s Holy Spirit.

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:25)

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)