Warfare Is Real

One day, just before I was to get off of work, I returned my Mama’s telephone call. She always had a way of ruffling my feathers. She always … or rather, I always allowed her to put me on guilt trips over the littlest things. This was my insecurity and weakness where my Mama was concerned.

This particular day after I hung up the phone, I was in tears. I was new as a student of the word of God (the Bible) and from my next few statements that will be evident. As I walked to my truck to leave work, with tears streaming down my face, I said, “Lord, please help me”.

I got in my truck and headed down the highway, crying as I listened to the sermon on the gospel radio station. I chimed in with the preacher on the radio as he said, “The Lord will send you a comforter”.

I said, “Yes Lord, I know you will send me a comforter and I will be all right”. Little did I know that I was already filled with the comforter, the Holy Spirit, that God has promised to come inside each individual believer (see John 14:16).

I came to a stoplight and had to stop. I was praising the Lord and seeking his comfort and peace when this man in my rear view mirror got my attention. He didn’t say anything — he didn’t even look at me. He was staring up at the sky with such an angelic look. All of a sudden I felt the presence of the Lord and I spoke out saying, “Thank you, Lord, for making your presence known to me. I know it’s you”.

No sooner had I gotten that out of my mouth did I hear this sultry voice saying, “But is it”? It sent chills down my back and I felt such fear like I’ve never felt before in my life.

Everything seemed to happen simultaneously. I heard the voice, the light changed, and I had to turn. As I was turning, my radio station shot across the dial to a heavy-metal station. It scared me silly! I could not get that station back on the gospel station quickly enough!

Then, I started praising the Lord and rebuking the devil. I felt the warfare so heavy and I knew that my radio station could not have been changed by accidentally hitting the button. You see, it had no buttons! In order for the dial to be changed, you had to turn the knob, and you had to hold it, too!

I realized what had happened after I got home. My walk with the Lord was just beginning, as was my warfare with the powers of the air. Whereas before I was an enemy of God and on satan’s side, now I was an enemy of satan and on God’s side! It was better to be on God’s side, to be sure!

I’m not sure that what I saw in my rear view mirror was really what was there and I probably will never know for sure in this life. But I do know that the Lord has a mighty work for me to do for him and this was the beginning of many encounters to come. You see, the devil uses our insecurities and our weaknesses to trip us up so that we will stay in the “old familiar life” that is controlled by him and not give ourselves totally to the Lord.

I thank You, Lord, for always being there for me when I call on you. I thank You for allowing me to serve You and bring praise and glory to Your name.