What about all the Other Creation Stories?

One of the frequent objections for allowing the teaching of creation in public schools is that if “creationism” is taught, all other different cultural stories concerning creation would have to be brought into a science classroom. This is a classic example of a “red herring” argument. This strategy is used to discredit the scientific evidence for creation by denigrating it as a religious concept. Evolutionists hope to equate the scientific evidence for creation with ancient creation myths, such as the absurd idea that the entire universe hatched from the egg of a large bird.

The primary desire of creationists is to have science taught in science classrooms. Unfortunately, that is not what is happening today. The current situation is that minor changes in animals (variations which are already encoded onto the DNA of the creature) are being presented as proof that one type of creature turned into a completely different creature. This is a religious belief, not science. Science is based on observations that can be tested, and biblical creation model, unlike ancient mythologies, can be tested.

The creation model states that complex ordered information requires an intelligent source. This is exactly what we find in the DNA molecule, and if the same type of code were found coming from outer space, it would immediately be recognized as having had an intelligent source.

The creation model predicts that there is a limit to natural genetic variation. In other words, one type of creature does not turn into a completely different type with totally, newly-functioning features. This has been experimentally confirmed as the mutation rate of fruit flies has been accelerated by millions of times and nothing new has ever developed. Furthermore, no links between major forms of animals have been found in the fossil record. This confirms that biological variation has always been limited.

The creation model states that new forms of animals do not just appear and over the last millennium Meanwhile, hundreds of organisms have disappeared. New viruses and microbes result from the rearrangement of information already present in existing microbes. This does not tell us where these organisms came from or how they could turn into a completely different type of organism.

The creation model says that there has been a massive worldwide flood which would have buried and fossilized creatures by the billions. This is exactly what we find and there is abundant geologic evidence supporting the reality of this relatively recent catastrophe.

Every scientific experiment ever performed has shown that chemicals fail to react in ways which result in the formation of living organisms. This is what the creation model predicts. Unlike creation myths, the true creation account and the worldwide flood as described in Genesis is full of testable, observable predictions which can be explored in science classrooms. Unfortunately, evolutionism holds a firm grip upon most of the scientific community because science has been redefined to eliminate the possibility of an intelligent Creator. It’s time to give students all the evidence and let them decide for themselves which theory holds up best under close scientific scrutiny.