What An Awesome God We Serve! A “Concrete” Analogy

I recently helped a good friend and Christian brother, pour concrete for a 20-foot section of sidewalk that was being replaced. It turned out to be quite a physical chore, because the cement truck was unable to get close enough to dispense the mix directly into the forms due to recent rains. So the truck was parked at curbside, some forty or so feet away and downhill by several vertical feet, thank you very much! As we donned our work gloves and prepared our wheelbarrows for the laborious task that was now before us, we simply reminded one another that God is good ALL the time and thanked Him for the joy of the Lord that’s our strength.

It took just over an hour of maximum exertion and relentless, strenuous effort to haul and pour about two cubic yards of concrete–which was immediately followed by the arduous task of floating, trowelling and smoothing the surface of the wet concrete. After all this was done, we set about the task of hauling off the last of the remains of the old sidewalk, now in a pile of pieces, each no bigger than a cinder block. I estimated there to be about a ton of rock to be loaded by hand onto a trailer, chunk by chunk by chunk. After about twenty minutes and a few more tired muscles, we were ready to drive to a local concrete recycling plant where we would donate the fruits of our labors.

Upon arrival at the concrete recycling plant, the sight of several overwhelmingly immense piles of concrete greeted me. These piles were so huge! There was a roadbed that went from bottom to top (several stories high), with a couple ‘side streets’ along the way. The road wound around more than the entire circumference of the pile before you ended up at the top in a small parking lot where the trucks would deposit their loads. With an idle comment that went something like, “I feel like and ant!” we joined in the parade of trucks heading for the top. We felt like the embodiment of insignificance itself in my little Jeep with my little trailer and our measly little one ton pile of rocks in the midst of those huge dump trucks and earth movers! All around us towered pieces of concrete, some larger than most of the dump trucks that were now scurrying around this little anthill.

In about ten minutes we had completed the task of unloading the last of our contribution to the pile. However, during that ten minutes it took us to unload our one ton, we watched as five or six trucks came and went, each one depositing hundreds, if not thousands of tons of rock! It just didn’t seem fair that we had, by now, spent the better portion of an afternoon and expended every last ounce of energy and strength we had and endured tired and sore muscles to pour a little concrete and move a few rocks! Then along come these half dozen drivers that accomplished a perhaps a THOUSAND times what we did with perhaps only a THOUSANDTH of the energy. After all, they merely had to push a couple buttons and pull a lever or two and they’re done! The fact that we labored and worked so very hard for so long to accomplish something physically so small led to the following realization: WE SERVE A REALLY BIG GOD!!

Think about how much effort we put into accomplishing what?–a few feet of sidewalk that someone’s going to walk on day in and day out without hardly thinking about it or giving it any regard whatsoever! A few squares of sidewalk, for crying out loud! Then, look at how much more those truck drivers accomplished with so much less effort. Finally, look at what God did when He created the universe–and he didn’t even lift a finger, the Bible says that He SPOKE it into existence!! God SAID, ‘Let there be light.’… God SAID, ‘Let there be a firmament’… God SAID, ‘Let the waters be gathered’… God SAID, ‘Let the earth bring forth grass and herb yielding seed and fruit’… God SAID, ‘Let there be stars’…

God spoke, and it was. Period.

Evolution?……Schmevolution! We serve an AWESOME GOD!!


Jim Reason serves as chairman of the board of directors at Shachah Ministries International. www.shachah.org Jim is also an electrical engineer for Nortel Networks’ Consulting Services in Irving, Texas.