What Can I Do?

The question in the title of this article is short and to the point. But let me add three more words: As an engineer, what can I do?

I have a passion for education. My father was a public school teacher, but I never thought I had the servant attitude required to follow his lead. Mine is more a love of learning. Discovering God’s world energizes me. Yet, as I have matured, my love of learning has changed into a love of sharing what I have learned. So, I have asked myself, is this merely a diversion, or am I going somewhere?

I have a role as a Christian – to tell how Christ has affected my life.

I have a role as a working engineer – to bring ethics into the application of technology. See my article, “Beware the Trojan Horse”.

I have a role as a parent – to raise my children in the way of Christ.

But, as one educated in the language of science, I see that I can also play a role in education that will place my passions for learning and sharing at God’s feet:

1. To show the world that a Christian can be a credible scientist.

2. To show the world that science does not automatically equate to absolute truth.

3. To show the world that good science does not contradict the Word of God; that we need not create relative philosophy to excuse religion.

4. To show Christians that asking questions is not blasphemy; denying the truth of the answer is the blasphemy.

Recent years have provided two examples where Christians played a prominent role in education – the Kansas and Ohio Boards of Education. In both of these, the study of origins played the key role.

So what comes next? Where should we stand on the questions of our origins, the questions science can and cannot answer, and how we educate our children?

Kevin J Knox