What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him?

‘4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?’ (Psalm 8:4)

Why did God make man, I wonder, in His image, too,
Made him free to choose, in limits, that which he would do,
Then established man’s conditions such that he could stray
If he chose to pass the limits God put in his way?

God could easily have made Him, in His image, too,
Men who are not free to follow that which THEY would do.
They would have no will to wander they’d not even try,
But He didn’t make us that way and I wonder – Why?

Could be, God, Who is all caring, wants to share His throne
And He’s seeking for companions, ‘sons’ to call His own,
Those who’ve proven they sincerely seek to live His way,
Those who’ve met the Lord’s conditions proved they seek His

I can see, on His returning for the thousand years,
It could be the last refining as, with Christ, we’re peers.
Then, when all is as God planned it, and His ‘sons’ are
He will share with them a kingdom such as none has known.