What is Truth?

In order to “search for the truth”, the “truth” must exist. The debate over origins deals with real events in time and space. Either there was a worldwide flood … or there was not. Either God initiated the flood as judgment for man’s rebellion … or He did not. Either life has existed for billions of years … or it has not. Either man came from an ape-like creature … or he did not. There are no gray areas here – only black or white. One person cannot have one truth and another have an opposing truth. One of them must be wrong. Many people have the misguided idea that evolution and creation can both be true.

There are very real consequences of accepting multiple realities. Ask your grandparents about a time not so long ago when locking doors was unnecessary and a man’s word was all that was needed to believe he would carry through on a commitment. Contrast that to today when the majority of the American people do not seem to care when a president is guilty of lying and cheating. What has happened to the moral fiber of our culture to change things so radically? The root of the problem is the replacement of Judeo-Christian moral absolutes with the moral relativism of humanism. The very idea of “relative morals” is a contradiction of terms.

Once morals are removed from an absolute source, such as the Bible, they become a matter of man’s opinion instead of God’s revelation. Consider sex education as an example. Most people believe they should not impose “morals” on others by telling them that it is wrong to have sex before marriage. If most adults in a community believe it is morally acceptable to have sex with children … does that make it right? If some group of people wish to teach our children that sex with animals is just another acceptable choice … do we let them? Furthermore, why is telling children that sex outside of marriage is “wrong”, any different than telling them that lying, stealing, or murdering is “wrong”? Once the tie is severed from an absolute source of truth, everything becomes an arbitrary opinion. The Bible repeatedly claims to be this ultimate authoritative source of truth.

The Western World is morally adrift and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Christians who have failed to defend the authenticity of the Bible as God’s revelation to man. Creation is the reality which ties the physical world to a supernatural God. By denying creation, a person is rejecting the physical evidence that the Bible is God’s word. We are already several generations down that path (with predictable consequences to Western culture).

Years ago I laid an arrowhead on the desk of an anthropologist and explained the parallel between the creation of life and the making of an arrowhead. An arrowhead is the product of intelligent design but this is impossible to scientifically prove. Furthermore, if someone wanted to believe that an arrowhead was the product of chance (instead of design), he could conduct experiments to try to show how that might happen. Nothing would convince such a person that he was wrong.

The evolutionist rejected the whole analogy with a wave of his hand, stating that science can never consider the possibility of the supernatural. I pressed the point further, “But what if God has supernaturally affected the world in the past? Shouldn’t there be scientific evidence of that interaction?”

His answer was very revealing, “If you want to search for ‘the Truth’, (tracing an imaginary ‘T’ in the air), you can go home and do it … but it doesn’t belong in scientific endeavors.” How sad that, all too often, only evolutionary explanations are taught – even if they obviously contradict much of the evidence!