What It’s All About

It’s for people like Carl (not his real name) that FCET exists. It’s for people like Carl that Christians are desperately needed in the workplace.

Carl is about 40 years old. About seven or eight years ago, when he was about 33, he lost his precious girl of 10 years old in a house fire (5 others died in that fire, too). ‘Christine’ (Carl’s daughter), died in his arms. The event left him completely devastated.

Carl had been a practicing Jehovah’s Witness up until that time, and remained practicing up until about two years ago. ‘I couldn’t handle it, though,’ Carl explained to me. ‘Everything just fell apart. I would come in the door to meet my wife, and I would have no energy whatsoever. I was always thinking about my daugher’s death. I didn’t have any energy left for my two (surviving) kids, or for my wife. I almost lost my family over it.’

Carl gave up on religion altogether. He had searched, and searched, and searched. He had devoted precious years of his life to serving faithfully with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He had studied the Scriptures as best he could, and yet, when the real trial of his faith came, it blew him apart.

Now recently, I had one of those ‘experiences’ again. I got ‘bored’ and almost fell asleep completely in the midst of a ‘very important’ meeting that I was engaged in. One of the key persons did not show up, so I took this ‘boredom and fatigue’ to mean that I ought to really be doing something better (at least stay awake, why don’t you!). So I suggested that I go look for this fellow. Everyone agreed (phew!).

Out I was to look for this guy … he was nowhere to be found! (Little did I know that he was, by this time, now heading to this meeting by an alternate route!)

Now in the midst of all of this, I could sense a definite ‘liberty in the spirit’ … the ‘liberty to take it rather easy’ you might say, and not have to worry too much. Eventually, I sensed that it was ‘time’ to go back to the meeting room. On the way back there, I encountered ‘Carl.’ This time, unlike many other times that I had passed by him in the hallway, something highly unusual happened. It was as though the heavens were opened right up, and God took me and said, ‘Here you are, your divine appointment. You speak with Carl until I tell you to stop.’

Now that was easy! I simply opened my mouth and began speaking the words that were on my lips, and we stayed talking like that for quite a long period of time (I won’t say just HOW long, lest my boss reads this and finds out just HOW much time I actually spent sharing my faith with a man who desperately needed to hear it so that HE could get on with his life and be productive for the company again!).

Now God’s Spirit was e-v-e-r—p-r-e-s-e-n-t during our wonderfully glorious conversation. I actually didn’t say too much, really, except where God specifically gave me utterance (it was largely a listening experience, as Carl literally ‘poured himself out’ before me). On at least two occassions, I almost ‘blew it’ by trying to give Carl some ‘fleshly advice’ in the midst of his pain. And, in the end, Carl was convinced enough to be willing to read my personal salvation story which can be found on our website!

Who says God is not alive and well in the workplace, and is not interested in the welfare of each and every person present?! Now get sharing your faith. And don’t let a day pass you by without expressly giving God the chance to use you to help another human being draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

‘And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming.’ (1 John 2:28)