When Satan Attacks (Part 3)

Some people do not believe Satan exists. Other people exalt him to the highest heights and fear him more than they fear God Himself. Both of these are clearly wrong. He is not just a fairy tale character (though he does exist in some fairy tales). He is real. But neither is he as powerful as God Himself is. We should not diminish Satan, nor should we exalt him. We should place him where he belongs. He is a created, sinful, creature. It is good to understand that he desires to kill and destroy all that is good — including you. Because God is stronger, if you seek to obey God, then you can have the upper hand. You must fight Satan using spiritual weapons — weapons that God gives you and are spelled out in His word. One of these is faith, which I am focusing on in this series.

As to how Satan became evil, that was a choice that he made to rebel against God. Satan was originally created as a good angel. Everything God created in the beginning was good. Sin has tarnished what God has created, but God has provided a “way of escape.” The “way of escape” from Satan’s snares is to obey God. This is the “short story”. The “long story” is revealed in the pages of the Bible, God’s word to mankind. The start of becoming free is trusting in Him and in Jesus Christ, who was sent by God the Father to redeem mankind. Jesus Christ paid for our redemption through His own blood.

Initially, when I first felt dizzy, that’s when I had been fasting for days, and working at the same time in a very hot room! I was sweating, and, furthermore, on the day that it “hit” me, I had neglected to drink any water for the entire morning up to about 4 p.m. (so something like 16 hours since I went to bed the night before, and I might not have drunk water for several hours before that, so in all, maybe even 20 hours without water). Being without water for 20 hours is not a serious problem. The body can easily handle it, normally. In my case, however, I was sweating and losing salt. There was no food in me (for days) on account of fasting. So drinking water alone was not the solution. But it also exacerbated the situation. My tongue started to feel very dry. I did not recognize this as a sign of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Either of these (dehydration or electrolyte imbalance) is a cause for concern. And they are often related.

I was “out and about” at the time the dizziness hit. I felt like I was going to lose consciousness. It was the perfect opportunity for a spirit of fear to move on me. This might be typically one place that a spirit would try to “enter in” on the situation — whenever fear is present. It was. There was actually a medical emergency at hand. I don’t like ambulances and have never been in one. My wife and I, being out, were able to make it to Swiss Chalet, which was not far off (but it was still dicey — I felt like I was close to losing consciousness for the several minutes as we quickly tried to get there). I felt my body going into some type of shock, and it was terrifically scary. But that’s what electrolyte imbalance can do. It can even lead to death.

The key to understanding that I was suffering from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance (either of which can be fatal in serious cases) is that I had a very dry mouth for many hours before that. When I began to drink water again (finally), I still was not able to curb the dry feeling. Even after drinking a liter of water, it would feel bone dry within 10 minutes. I kept drinking water, and it felt drier than ever. I consumed maybe five or six liters of water, but still my mouth felt bone dry. It was too late. My electrolytes were out of balance. Drinking water alone would not restore them. My body was out of salt!

The dizziness was triggered by the smell of gasoline. My wife and I were in the car, and we turned in to get some gas. As soon as I stopped the car at the pump and smelled the smell of gas in the air, I immediately felt faint. My body started going crazy after that. I was afraid of losing consciousness. I instinctively knew that my electrolytes were out (“oh yeah, all the sweating, and no water …) and to make a long story short, we ended up at Swiss Chalet. It was a very close call — too close for comfort. Four bowls of salty (electrolyte) meaty (protein) chicken soup (rehydration) later, and I was back to normal. As an engineer, I can simply tell you this: batteries contain electrolytes. When a battery is low in electrolytes, the electricity does not flow. Your brain also works on electricity! (See http://health.howstuffworks.com/human-body/cells-tissues/human-body-make-electricity.htm). Electrolytes (in the form of salts) are needed to keep the electricity flowing. If you cut the salts, you cut the electricity. I don’t want you to find out what happens when you cut the electricity to the brain! It’s pretty scary! It felt like my brain was being unplugged from the wall socket!

I’ve never experienced a situation so frightening in my life — that sense of having to shake my head back and forth and to breathe extra hard just to stay conscious. That’s a definite imbalance you want to avoid. So if you sweat a lot, drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water in my case was not enough. There was no food or salt intake at all, so the imbalance remained. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance — these are two different things, but are often related. But drinking water alone does not restore electrolytes. The body needs to get those electrolytes (salts) from somewhere. The food you eat is sufficient to restore those electrolytes — if you’re eating, that is. But if you’re not eating — for days, as I was, because I was fasting — and you are sweating — again, like I was — you need to find a way to restore your electrolytes. You can do that through an electrolyte drink (such a Gastrolyte) — but I did not realize the severity of the problem at the time. The smell of gasoline was not the problem. I was so weak, however, that the gas vapor began to set off a chemical reaction. It was enough to trigger the final episode.

So this provides the backdrop for Satan entering in to produce Satanic episodes of dizziness after that. A spirit seized on this experience, but it was not the only experience. About a week later, I worked right through the night (I might have slept for half an hour) and the next day I slept just for about 5 hours. Then, we drove a long way to visit friends. And finally, early in the morning, I was exhausted, but out of respect for the host, agreed to go for a walk. But my body could not take it, and I felt dizzy at some point during the walk. With this episode, and the one previous to it (the Swiss Chalet experience), the groundwork was laid for Satan to take opportunity.

What can we learn from all of this? First, treat your body properly. But second, if you happen to be caught in an unfortunate situation — it might be something else entirely, like a car accident that I mentioned before in which you might be prone to fearing after that, that maybe something happened to you, or that another car accident could happen again. If the bad incident leads you to fear, or doubt, then all of a sudden, Satan (or one of his demons) can take advantage of that situation, because you are no longer moving by faith in that case, you are moving by fear.

So think about that long list of things that has happened to you ….

Did you lose your job? Move by faith, and confidence in God, and not by fear.

Did you lose anything else? Move by faith, and confidence in God, and not by fear.

The open door for a demon to move can be very subtle. Don’t assume you have not been exposed to it unless all is well in your life. If all is not well, look for the doors, and close them! By faith, you need to do that now!

“Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him. By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome. For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” (1 John 5:1-4)

(Stay tuned for part 4.)