When the Holy Spirit Leaves

I had not watched a secular movie for months — maybe even six months — but then I had the “good fortune” to be able to watch “Air Force One” with Harrison Ford. My question is, have you seen that movie, and what did you think of it?

The thrill of entertainment was riding high — for a while. Shots were being fired. People were being killed. It was awesome (I say that facetiously, of course). It was the Kazakstanis (or some of the Kazakstanis) against the Americans (or some of the Americans). There was killing, and more killing. And hostage taking. Just what you’d expect.

OK. Let’s calm down, because I’m already getting riled up just writing those words.


And I’m really not joking.

But despite all of the above, I was able to “hold my peace” — for a while.

Until multiple swear words starting coming out of the mouths of the actors.

Sure, “that’s what they’d say if it was real life” — so it was just “real life,” right?


That movie could have been made a WHOLE LOT BETTER than it was.

In retrospect, having watched that movie almost to the end — but, oh, not quite, because I was utterly compelled to get up and leave, because the Holy Spirit inside of me was oh so grieved — in retrospect, having watched that movie almost — but not quite — to the end (yes, and I never will watch that movie again) — the movie simply failed the test.

The test is whether or not the Holy Spirit Himself can tolerate it. And as far as I am concerned (and I think I have the Holy Spirit), He absolutely cannot.

I mean, I watched that movie, and had the peace of God — up until the point at which the language became unbearable. And yes, it became utterly unbearable to watch that movie. I was grieved. My spirit, and the Holy Spirit inside of me, just would not tolerate it.

Away with such rubbish. Trash, that is. Who needs it? At the moment the Holy Spirit left (this is a figure of speech, because the Holy Spirit was still inside of me) — but at the moment the Holy Spirit became so utterly grieved as to make it very plain to me — at that moment (well, it was about 30 seconds later, I have to admit, as I pondered what the correct response was to such horror) — I told the company I was with, “Sorry, I cannot tolerate this anymore. The Holy Spirit is utterly grieved over this. It’s not worth it.”

And I walked out. And I left.

Good riddance, Air Force One.

I could have done a lot better with the estimated 85 million dollars that it cost to produce that movie. By January of 1998, that movie had grossed 172 million dollars, according to IMDB. That means a whole lot of people watched that movie. If only the money had been spent printing Bibles.

If you watched Air Force One to the end, and thought it was a good movie, you might want to check your spiritual barometer — that sensitive thing that is supposed to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit — and find out if it is still working correctly. You might need a tune up! How would one get a tune up? Stop listening to, and enjoying, sin. Ask God to melt your heart. There’s some dross there for sure, if you can watch a movie like that, and give it a five star rating.