Where Does Hell Meet?

If you had to summon the powers of hell into your midst, how would you do it? Many people “summon” demons through tarot card, seances and Ouija boards, horoscopes, divination, worship of false gods (including pretty much every false religion), and even through innocent-looking games that summon demonic powers (you will notice the demonic figures on some of these games; see for example https://fcet.biblemessages.com/oh-no-yu-gi-oh/). I am assuming you are not doing any of this. If you are, you should stop it immediately and renounce these practices. They can be deadly! Yes, even reading a horoscope and visiting a “medium” such as a palm reader, or a crystal ball gazer, can be deadly! Do you not know the story of John Denver? He is alleged to have visited one of these people prior to his death, who told him he would die in a plane crash. And indeed, he did. You might think, “That was coincidental.” Actually, from what I understand, John Denver had faith in spirit mediums. Jesus said, “According to your faith be it unto you.” (Matthew 9:29) Do not underestimate the power of your faith. That power can bring you down or up — you decide.

By the way, if you want to know more about some of the terribly ungodly beliefs and seductions of some so-called “great” and “renown” musicians and actors of this and the last century, please visit www.goodfight.org and click on “theater”. There’s a wealth of good information there, which will help you to understand some of the beliefs that are being put forth by many musicians and movies. I have found this to be very helpful and highly recommend it. I did not know, for example, how strongly Satanically influenced Elvis Presley was, or of the real beliefs of U2 and Sting, for example. This website is an eye-opener. The man who created it is undoubtedly called of God. Please do not miss it.

Now suppose you are trying to do everything “right” — according to the “book” (and by that, I mean, the Bible). You are trying, all right, but are you doing the right thing? As a Christian who is trying to do all the right things, how would you summon a demon into your midst? You might think this question is really stupid — and it would be, if that were my objective, to actually summon these demonic powers. But what I am trying to say is you can inadvertently be doing this, without even realizing it. You can be doing it, because you are failing to do certain things that you ought to. Consequently, you may find yourself in the midst of demonic powers that seem too strong for you! You might think, “Is this what the Christian life is all about?” If you are not totally obeying God, indeed, you might indeed find yourself in the presence of demonic powers. You might find yourself in a big and utter mess — that seems to overwhelm you. But it’s not because God or Christianity is to be blamed, but because you have made some unwise choices — and more than that, because you are failing to obey God in some critical areas. May I just say something so that you are not totally discouraged? God wants to “lift you out” of your mess, and into a glorious place. OK. Backtrack a bit. I did not say “heaven” just yet! What I meant by “glorious place” was a place of peace and rest in Him. He wants to equip you, so that you will be able to “stand firm” against the wiles of the devil.

You are not going to be “totally free” so that you can do anything you want. That is not the point of our existence — to be able to do anything we want. God wants to bring you to that place in your life where you are operating smoothly in His giftings, so that His body can be uplifted and built up. Surely, you don’t want to go on in misery, forever, do you? Surely, not.

In this series of messages, I am not necessarily going to solve your problem outright, but I may be able to give you some really good hints and help point you in the right direction — if you have strayed in any way. That is my intention, so please read it with an open heart and open mind.

God is a God of redemption. This means that no matter what you’ve done — no matter how far down you have sunk in the mud — God is willing to “pull you up” if you will do the right thing. Can a person go “too far” beyond the point of recovery? As long as you are not dead, and as long as you have not hardened your heart and want to do the “right thing” there is hope. Press in!

Now let us begin.

“Father in heaven, help us to understand how to be free from the powers of hell. For it is in Jesus Christ’s name that we pray. Amen.”

The Two Kingdoms

In order to understand this battle, we need to understand the two kingdoms. For there are indeed two spiritual kingdoms, the kingdom of light, and the kingdom of darkness. The devil (and his demons) are involved in both of these kingdoms, but in different ways. I am assuming you are all Christians who are reading this.

As soon as you become a Christian, you become a prime target for the devil. This is not a bad thing, because by your friendship with God, you have now become an enemy of the devil (including all demonic spirits, of which there may possibly even be billions). if you do not trust in Christ, you will be better off? No. If you do not trust in Christ, you are deceived by the devil already, and are “captive” by him. You are no better off. In fact, you are far worse off. You are a “child of the devil” in that case. Children of the devil are not destined for heaven, but for hell. You should repent before it’s too late. We are commanded to repent and believe the gospel. It was Jesus who said, “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3)

Satan hates Christians, because they are on God’s side. The ones who are not Christians, are already his. The ones who are Christians, he opposes, to try and get them to slip up, or cave in, in some way. The devil is up to “no good” — and that means for everyone. Those who are not Christians may not notice that they are already captive to do his will. They may not notice how deceived they actually are. But of course, they are very deceived. They are under the devil’s sway! Those who belong to Christ by having trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior, are the devil’s enemies — even as Jesus Himself is the enemy of the devil. It is much better to trust in Christ — and be heaven bound — than to reject Christ — and be hell bound. But it is still true that if you trust in Christ, you are the devil’s enemy.

Why then did I even mention this? I mention this because you should not be surprised if you happen to feel “targeted” by the devil, sometimes. He will target Christians, because that is what he does. He targets non-Christians, as well. He is indeed a very busy devil. Of course, he has help from all of his demons. Thus, all are being targeted, but in different manners. Who then can be safe? Only those who are fully submitted to God. And this will become key in this whole discussion.

The Devil’s Kingdom

Think of it this way. God has a kingdom, and the devil has a kingdom, too. God’s kingdom is composed of righteous people. Everyone else falls into the devil’s domain. There are indeed two kingdoms, and the Bible repeats that thought over and over again.

In Matthew 24:14, we read, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” That refers to the kingdom of God. You are in that kingdom if you are a follower of Christ. You want to be part of this kingdom. Right? Of course. You want to go to heaven. You do not want to end up in hell.

In the Bible, the kingdom of God is mentioned often. By comparison, however, the kingdom of Satan is explicitly mentioned only a few times. Nevertheless, his kingdom is mentioned. It is also alluded to in a great many passages, not the least of which is Revelation 12, in which we see Satanic armies being dispatched in the earth in the last days. This is huge, because Satan really has a vast kingdom, and in numbers, it is probably larger than God’s kingdom. It is larger, because many people’s hearts have gone astray. But in authority, God is stronger. A kingdom may be smaller in sheer numbers, but have more authority. This is evidenced by Jesus’s own words, “Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?” (Luke 14:31) So there you have it. It is possible for a king with his 10 thousand to win against the one who has 20 thousand, under the right circumstances. Jesus is indeed wiser and stronger. However, as His followers, we must be listening to Him. Otherwise, the devil will gain an advantage.

As to the fact that Satan has a kingdom, it is evidenced by the words of Jesus Himself, in which He said, “If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?” (Luke 11:18) Thus, Satan indeed has a kingdom. God, too, has a kingdom. The end of Satan’s kingdom is eternal damnation (Revelation 20:10). The end of God’s kingdom is eternal life (Matthew 25:46). Which one do you want? The answer should be obvious. God’s kingdom will not fail. God’s kingdom is eternal. Once again, you want to be part of God’s kingdom. You really want to be part of it.

Vantage Points

When the devil wages war against you, as a Christian, he is doing so as one who is in the process of losing his kingdom. This is important to remember. However, when Satan wages war against a person who is not yet a Christian — he is doing so as one who is in the process of increasing his kingdom through that person. Maybe this will help to explain why Christians may feel the effects of that war more than non-Christians. Satan is ultimately waging war against both of them — but he is waging war against the non-Christian as his friend who is helping him and his kingdom, and the Christian as his enemy who is opposing him and his kingdom — for the Christian is aligned with God, who is definitely opposed Satan. For we read, “He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)

The non-Christian is quite deceived. The Christian, however, has God on his side. God is in the process of redeeming him from the deceptions which he has been formerly under. Was he really formerly under them? Why, yes! He was formerly under the devil’s influence. He was formerly the devil’s “friend” who was being swayed and influenced as a helper and builder of the devil’s kingdom.

Thus, the devil seeks to influence all people, but with the Christians, he has lost already, and he hopes that by waging war against them, he will minimize the devastation that is occurring to his own kingdom. The Christian — who really is a Christian, sincere and devout in his faith — may really feel this opposition, because God is his father. When the devil interferes with what God is doing, there is going to be a noticeable “shock”. When the devil works in the life of a non-Christian, he has already been at work in his life, so there is less “shock.” Mixing the devil’s cold water with already cold water is not as shocking. But mixing the devil’s cold water with the Christian’s hot desire to serve God, and with the fire of the Holy Spirit, is indeed much more shocking and noticeable. The devil is involved in both, but in different ways. The devil is either the person’s “enemy” or “friend” — but deep down, the devil is the enemy of all. His “friends” he will take to hell with him, and then — when it is far too late — they will realize the devil is not their friend at all! He was their enemy the whole time! That is why the Bible calls him the “deceiver”.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” (Revelation 12:9)

Today, many are being deceived.

Non-Christians may notice the devil’s deceptions less. They are swayed already to do the devil’s will. Indeed, they enjoy it. It is the Christian who does not enjoy it. He notices it when the devil is hanging around him.

How then to get the devil to leave? This is the big question. Ultimately, it is through humility. But what is humility? Humility and obedience are completely linked.

Did you know something? Writing this article — for me — is an act of humility. Perhaps you are saying, “I’m really enjoying reading this article. I’m learning something new. I’m getting blessed.” And so be it! But did you know I was under a tremendous demonic attack prior to writing this article? Absolutely. That thing seemed too strong for me! I did what I was supposed to do. I took the whole thing to prayer. I can tell you, God answered that prayer, but it took me a few hours just to get my bearings straight. I had to pray, anoint my house with oil, and weep before God, before I could find out what was going on. What was going on has to do with a call. God gifted me to be able to write about these things. So if I don’t do it, who will? I hope others do, and I know that others are doing it. But the point remains is that God has called each person to a life of complete obedience and reliance upon Him.

Are you obeying Him today? Can you even hear His voice? I cannot say this life is totally easy. But if you will obey God, then God will be with you. But if not, it’s no wonder the devil is in the door!

You see, I’m a writer. God called me to write. If I slack off, do you know what’s bound to happen? If I slack off — and God is telling me to “write,” which He is — then that’s disobedience. And disobedience invites a curse. You may think that curses always come from the devil, and never God, but that is not true. Otherwise, God would have never said to Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” (Genesis 12:3).

Look at who is doing the “cursing” here. It is God!

Now suppose my writing is supposed to bless Israel? You see, God could even put my writing into the hands of Israelis. And that would mean a blessing for me, right? (As long as my writing was correct, and accurate, and biblical, yes. But if not, no!)

To withhold blessing, is this not also a form of cursing? To not give to something to someone, when you are supposed to, and when you have it with you, is also a form of disobedience. I could end up cursing myself, simply by doing nothing! Have you never heard the expression, “Evil prospers when good people do nothing!” In reality, there are no “good” people — only God is good. However, you get the point. The saying should be, “Evil prospers when righteous people do nothing!” The “righteous” in the Bible are not perfect people, but they have been bought with the blood of Christ. They are the redeemed.

A person may therefore bring a curse upon themselves through disobedience. The curse is God’s curse. No wonder the devil gets in the door! God’s lets him in! Or, as you might put it, God lifts His veil of protection over us — and even our relationships, sometimes — if we simply wallow in disobedience.

Whether the curse comes as a direct result from God, or indirect result from some activity that is permitted by God (perhaps you view it as being the devil’s fault), doesn’t really matter. The devil also does God’s bidding. It has often been said that the devil is merely a servant of God. Do not read that in the wrong way. God is not the author of evil. His is holy and pure. But God can use any circumstances, including people and angels — or fallen angels, such as the devil is — in order to accomplish His purposes. Remember, God is holy — and that is precisely the reason we may fall under condemnation sometimes. It is not “condemnation unto death” but “condemnation unto life” if we will but make the right decision. Perhaps you have been taught all your life that condemnation is not for Christians. That is true for those who walk not after the flesh! For we read, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1) Thus, this is what we need to seek to do — to walk after the Holy Spirit. We cannot do that through disobedience, but through obedience.

In another article — perhaps the next one — I would like to talk to you about David’s own sin, and how he fell under the condemnation and incurred the wrath of God and the wrath of the devil — all mixed in one big and messy package. This led to the death of many.

Stay tuned.

Until then, please remember. OBEY THE LORD AT ALL TIMES.

May His peace be with you.

Danny Parkes