Why Should the Innocent Pay?


This article examines some of the numerous excuses used to justify abortion.

Sex education will end the need for abortions

This line of reasoning assumes that teaching children how to have sex, without having children, will prevent abortions. However, like many abortion justifications, this flies in the face of reality. Experience has shown that morally neutral or valueless sex education increases experimentation, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.Since 1970, when our government started a major contraceptive program, teenage pregnancy has increased 87% and teenage abortions are up 67%.1 “Safe sex” is a farce. Scientific studies have shown that even under properly controlled situations condoms fail to prevent pregnancy as much as 15% of the time.2 Giving them to teenagers and implying they will allow “safe sex” is ridiculously irresponsible. Human beings, including teenagers, are not animals controlled purely by hormones. Pregnancies can be prevented much more successfully by teaching young people the important and logical reasons why it is preferable to wait until marriage to have sex.1

Rape or incest victims should get abortions

Life isn’t fair. We have not lived in a paradise since Adam and Eve chose rebellion over obedience. We do not even have the right to expect perfection or fairness. Throughout life, many people have had to bear different burdens. Fortunately, God promises comfort and help in bearing these burdens if we will only turn toward Him instead of away from Him. Why should the baby resulting from rape pay the death penalty while the man responsible for the violent act gets off with a lesser penalty? What did the baby do wrong? Should a child conceived in an act of violence have to pay the price for that sin? If so, why? For those who insist on absolute fairness, what is fair about ending the life of the unborn child because of what a sinful man has done to an innocent women? Furthermore, it will do nothing to remove the agony which the woman has already endured and often just piles guilt on top of the pain. Two wrongs never … ever, add up to a right. Encouraging adoption is the more compassionate response for victimized women.

The Abortion Pill will end need for abortions

Similar promises were made when “THE PILL” was developed in the 50’s with the promise of sex without consequences. Abortions really became popular after that promise failed.2 “Have sex, take a pill, be happy” seems to be the theme surrounding this technology. RU486 is designed to cause a woman’s body to kill and spew out the baby which is growing inside of her. In widespread use it will cause the deaths of many women from uncontrolled vaginal bleeding.3 In addition, it is only 80% to 95% effective and many women will end up with later term surgical abortions to finish the job the abortion pill botched. Taking an abortion pill does nothing to quell the guilt which often accompanies the killing of an unborn child. Perhaps it should be marketed in a twin pack along with a conscience killing pill.

One final fact: The abortion pill will not protect women from the more than 20 incurable and potentially deadly venereal diseases which are running rampant among the general population. Once marketed, it will be relied upon to the detriment of the users. The abortion pill is yet another subtle evil which will bring harm to the women whom it is supposedly helping.

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