Will You Fight?

Recently an urgent prayer request was submitted concerning a young mother diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her story caused me to think of what it would be like to mother a child, only to find out that my life was ending. Indeed, I am a mother of a beautiful 14-year-old daughter, and the thought of not being there for her is more than I care to begin to imagine. So when I got this request it touched me in a way that I can not explain.

I suffer, occasionally, with migraine headaches. These headaches are so severe that, at times, I have wished that Jesus would just come and get me. But even this pain will respond to a pain shot. I don’t even want to think of the kind of pain this lady is going through, so severe that it causes her to black out! Drugs don’t even touch the kind of pain she is feeling.

Well, when I saw the request I wrote her name on a post-it and placed it on my monitor. By doing this, her name is always in front of me while I am here at work. As the updates have been coming in though, I have found myself praying for her each time her name comes to me. I was watching a talk show host yesterday whose guests were terminally diagnosed and it made me think of her, so I prayed.

I even posted the request on the NCF [Nortel Christian Fellowship] page so that others could join in the prayer. That’s when it happened. I talked to a friend who saw this request. He thought that the situation was ‘tragic’ and ‘sad’. I agreed that it was, but I reminded him that it is God’s word that this woman should be healed. His response to that was, yes but probably not in this lifetime!

People, you don’t need healing in the next life. Healing is for now! I believe God’s word when He says that it was by His stripes that we were healed. I believe his word that there is nothing impossible for God. I believe Him when He says that His thoughts towards us are good and not evil, that every good and perfect thing comes from above, that He has put before us life and death and that we should choose life!

We have bought the world’s garbage that cancer or other terminal illness must lead to death. What kind of God do you think He is! Do you REALLY believe that a God as powerful as ours can not and, worse yet, won’t heal? Do you think that a God who loved us, who were and are not worthy of his love, would send his Son to die for us and then afflict us with illness?

Well, I don’t! The enemy is attacking this woman and her family. He is trying to take this woman away from her husband and children.

Would you just sit back and say that it is sad and tragic if someone where in her home raping her? NO, Heck NO! You’d get up off you tails and fight! Then why, in the name of everything Holy do you sit back and speculate on how SAD it is that she is dying? Is God’s word true or not!

Some of you don’t want to pray radically or believe radically because you won’t know what to do if she does die. Well the answer is that you still trust God! But you don’t give up without fighting! What if the three Hebrew boys had just given up and bowed their knees? But they didn’t! They knew that the fire was terminal and they knew that they could be killed, but they fought anyway! Not with their hands, but with their faith! And they weren’t afraid to say that even if they perished that God is still God!

People, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring you. You don’t know what the enemy will throw at you. But I know this; you’d better know what God has to say concerning you and your victory. And on that day, you’d better hope that the saints don’t just look at you and say, how sad and tragic. YOU HAD better pray that someone will come and stand beside you and fight until the very end! YOU HAD BETTER pray that they would fight as though someone were coming against them!

This lady’s situation is beyond sad. The enemy is trying to steal this woman away from us. I for one am going to fight for her as though she was my own flesh and blood. And if she dies then I will still believe that God is God. I will still pray for her children. And I will pray that the next battle is won. I will pray that God will heal their broken hearts…and mine.

But until and if that day comes, I will fight. Will you?