You are THAT important!

The following is an accurate description of an incredibly vivid and powerful dream that I had about a man that was about to kill himself.

My sense is that I had the dream for the sake of someone who needs to know that they are loved and important.

Do NOT kill yourself!

This dream might be for a woman. It might be for a man. Or, it might be for more than one person — a man or a woman, or men or women. However, the depiction of the dream is of a man. Sometimes, in a dream, a “picture” will be given to represent something. The “picture” might be a representation of others, as well. So if you are a woman reading this dream, it does not mean it does not apply to you. It very well might.

You are THAT important!

In fact, this dream is all about the importance of this one person in the dream — yes, that man who wanted to kill himself.

Who was the man? Was he just one man who was and is on God’s loving heart, whom God cares for deeply — whom God wants to know that he is loved and of great value in God’s sight? Yes, maybe it’s just for one man. BUT I suspect there are a LOT of people who could use some possible encouraging in this area. Suicide statistics tell us that many people are in need in this area around the globe, not just one.

Oh, so sad.

So sad.

So sad.

You are THAT important to God, that He would give me this dream, so that I could write this article, so that your life could be spared.

Yes, you are THAT important!

In my dream, the man was JUST ABOUT to kill himself. There were, however, others around him — it seems like there was a crowd around him. Sometimes, in life, there can be others around us, but we can still feel lonely, afraid, and worthless in the midst of the crowd. We can feel insignificant. This man possibly felt like that, because in my dream, I saw quite a few people around this man. They were pretty close to him — I would say within 20 feet in the dream. So that man had people in his life. But apparently, it did not make any difference. He still wanted to kill himself.

In the dream — somehow — I heard about the fact that this man wanted to kill himself and was indeed ABOUT to do it! I remember seeing the people around him, and I remember one man in particular who was trying to help him. You know, ultimately, I think that man is Jesus. Yes, Jesus.

You see, Jesus is the unseen guest who sees us when we are down, or when we are up. He sees everything. Do you think He does not care? Of course, He cares. However, He has not created robots. When bad things happen, many people automatically say, “If God was real, then how come he did not prevent the death of … (my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my uncle, my aunt, my best friend, etc.) .” Yes, that is their attitude. Either God saves everything, or they will not trust in Him or believe in Him or desire to do anything at all.

May I say, that is not even what YOU believe! In other words, if YOU are that person who believes that, in fact, you really DON’T believe it, when you come right down to it.

Let’s dig this apart a little bit.

Have you ever sinned or done wrong? Do you think it would have been good for someone to have stepped in at every step of the way and just put a stop to what you were doing? Would you like to be micro-managed in this way? If you were micro-managed in this way, then you would have no free will. You would just be a robot.

God does sometimes intervene — this article is an intervention, I believe. God wants to intervene to save you, but NOTICE how He is doing it. He is not saving you by FORCING you to be saved, but He is giving you a CHOICE in the matter.

Freewill. That’s what it’s all about.

We live in a world in which a lot of freewill choices are made.

You can change the wickedness of this world — the murders, the killings, and all that — by making some freewill choices of your own! Yes, you are THAT important! God wants to use you in order to make some serious changes in this world! And there are lots of changes to be made, you can be sure of that! So don’t despair and don’t give up.

Killing yourself is a freewill CHOICE that you will make — if you make it.

And for that freewill CHOICE, you will be held accountable. Yes, God is indeed going to hold the whole world accountable for the choices that they make — whether good, or bad.

In my dream, I have already said there were many people around that man. There was one in particular who was trying to stop that man from killing himself. The man who was trying to stop that man from killing himself was not FORCING him not to kill himself, but he was indeed pleading with him. And here was his plea:




Because, you are THAT important.

There is some good news to this dream.

In the end — really, it was at the very last minute, I must say, and this was very clear — I arrived on the scene and I was still some distance away, but I was within earshot — so maybe fifty feet away. I saw the people around that man — those people that were within about 20 feet from this man, that I mentioned above. I also saw the ONE man (whom I believe is Jesus) pleading with the man NOT to kill himself.

I did not immediately go up to the man, but from where I was, maybe 50 feet away, I shouted towards the man, in as loud a voice as I could, “DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. YOU ARE THAT IMPORTANT!”

This was the moment that the man decided NOT to kill himself.


This was the moment the man made a freewill decision that would change his destiny. Wow. What a great decision that was.

Before I tell you what happened next, I would like to talk about something I did not see in the dream. I want to talk about what that man did by deciding NOT to kill himself, and what type of an impact that had on the many others who were in that man’s life. Let’s go through that now.

First, by NOT killing himself, that man opened a BIG DOOR to have a positive impact in the lives of those many others whom I saw that were within the approximate 20 feet from that man in the dream. Why did God show me those people that were standing within about 20 feet from that man? I believe this represents this man’s circle of influence. Sometimes we may think, “How come they are not loving me, helping me, and doing more for me?” However, there are two sides to that equation. What about the other side? They need encouraging, too. This group I believe represents this man’s circle of influence, and it’s not only what they can do for that man, but what that man can do for them. By NOT killing himself, than man was OPENING A DOOR to being able to maintain a positive influence in their lives.

But was he really opening a door, or was that door already opened? It depends on how you look at it. The door was indeed already opened. But from another perspective, the man, by deciding NOT to kill himself at that very time, was also OPENING A BIG DOOR to be able to minister and help others, who might also feel the way that he felt, too. You see, it can actually extend BEYOND your present circle of influence. Your circle of influence, really, can GROW EXPONENTIALLY, if you will allow God to do that. Let God open the door by making that freewill decision. Many people have done that, and they have ministries (that is, opportunities to reach out) to others who may have similar needs. Don’t despise a great opportunity, even if it comes through hardship.

Graham Powell was such a man who was faced with hardship. He wanted to kill himself. But God delivered him! Great! This man then wrote a book on that experience, and that book has helped many others. Graham travels and speaks to people about the great thing that God did. His book is very enlightening and I would like to encourage you to get that. This book not only deals with issues relating to people who may feel like committing suicide, but it also deals with issues relating to spiritual oppression which can cover a wide range of areas, including our thoughts, emotions, and our physical well being. No matter who you are, or what situation you find yourself in, you will benefit by reading this incredible book. It is called “Christian, Set Yourself Free.” You can get that in many places by searching on that title. One of those places is Graham’s own website at

After I cried out to the man NOT to kill himself, I then ran up to him. I remember putting my arms around that man and embracing him and then praying for him. In real life, when I had the dream, I prayed audibly for that man. It was so real. The dream ended, but before my eyes were opened — I had already started to pray audibly, and the Spirit of God was very present on me — I continued praying audibly for that man, even though the dream had just ended. Strange, perhaps, but this was a very vivid and compelling dream. I prayed something like this — so know for sure, that if this dream was meant for YOU, then you have ALREADY been prayed for. I prayed something like this, though this may not be the exact prayer.

“Dear heavenly father, thank you for this man. He is of great worth in Your sight. You love him and have a special plan for his life. Thank you that he has decided not to kill himself, because he is so precious and valuable to you. Amen.”

There is somewhat of a surprise ending to this dream.

When I had my arms around this man — I was almost weeping over him, with the heart of God in me being present for him — I felt a definite TINGE — and something touched my heart that I did not expect. For a split second — it was a very short period of time, but I did indeed notice it — I felt unworthy to be able to have the privilege to minister to this man. I felt like the man was more important than I was.

What was the message in this? The message, I think, was along these lines.

I believe God was actually speaking in that moment, not to condemn me, but to elevate the other man. The man needed to know just how valuable he was (and is) to God. He is not “junk” but of incredibly great worth to God.

Why did he want to kill himself, anyway? He wanted to kill himself obviously because he felt that life was no longer worth living. I don’t know the exact reasons, of course, but I do know that in the end, this is the “lie” that gets believed by those who want to kill themselves. The lie is that life is no longer worth living. This lie, unfortunately, has been believed many times. How many? Way too many.

You need to understand that you have an enemy. He actually speaks. Yes, he has a voice. When you believe the lie, you are believing the voice of the enemy. Do not think that because you had a victory today — you decided not to kill yourself — that your enemy will simply “give up” trying to get you to believe that lie. Oh, no! He will NOT! Your enemy is a “devil” in the colloquial sense of the world. But in the TRUE sense of the word, he is the devil himself!

“Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

Thus, we are living in a spiritual world. There is an enemy (the devil), and there is God (He seeks to be your friend, if you will have faith and confidence in Him). I have much more to say about faith, which you can also read about in the many testimonies and articles that are published on this website. These will encourage you. However, be mindful that you do have an enemy. He seeks to devour you, and one of the main tools he uses is lies. One way to begin to put an end to those lies is by reading and “devouring” God’s word (the Bible). It has the power to change your life.

In short, don’t give up, because God is not done with you. You’ve got a job to do for His kingdom, and He has lives that He wants to bless through you.

You can do it, and you will do it, with His help!