You’ll Find Him … On A Roof!

You’ve probably heard the story about the man with the hole in his roof. When it was sunny, it was too nice to do any work. When it was raining, it was too rainy to do any work! Well, not too long ago, the “ridge cap” of our house came loose, and, wouldn’t you know it, left us with a gaping hole down the center of the roof. The “ridge cap” is that long, slender, piece of metal that “caps” the roof at its peak, allowing for ventilation, while preventing any rain from entering. Like the man who didn’t want to do any work when it was sunny outside, of course, I procrastinated.

“Why work?” I thought to myself. “It will stay sunny forever!” Ha! Wishful thinking! It soon began to rain! And like the man in our fictitious story, I let the rain “come on in”! Of course, I quickly proceeded to our attic to see just “how much” of that rain was coming inside! The rain, in fact, did not seem to come in that much, due to the fact that the opening was right on the very top of the roof.

Then, it was sunny again.

Then, there was a forecast for rainy weather, but I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was going to be very stormy! Unlike the first time, it was going to come pouring down!

At about 8:45 p.m. my son got out of bed and came into the computer room.

“Dad …” my son said. “I saw Mr. Horbay [our neighbor] today and he was talking about that thing for the roof … he said to come over and see him.” For I had been speaking to Mr. Horbay and his son Nestor about the roof.

A war began between the Spirit and the Flesh.

My Flesh said, “Your son is out of bed at 8:45 in the evening! He should be in bed!”

The Spirit said, “Remember last time your son had something to say to you?”

You see, “last time” was when my wife and children were getting out of the side door of our van, and my wallet — which was somehow next to the door — suddenly fell out of the door and onto the ground! My son had said, “Dad, your wallet just fell on the ground!” But because we were “in a rush” (you know how it is), I responded by saying, “Not now, Daniel! We have to get in the church!” So I DID NOT LISTEN TO MY SON and I suffered greatly, for I never “heard” him say that my wallet had fallen to the ground! In obedience to my command, my son hurried along with his mother and sister (and the wallet has forever been lost!). That was about $200.00 worth of wasted effort, because I refused to listen!

Well, now my son was speaking to me again. He didn’t normally get up after hours. He was talking about the roof. Little did I know that a storm was on its way and I needed to hurry up and fix the roof, right then and there at 8:45 p.m.! This was God’s perfect time! Surely, he would make a way!

Suddenly, I knew it was the Lord! I made the decision to obey … immediately. God was looking after me. All I had to do was listen … and obey! Listen … obey! Listen … obey! That is the way it always is in the Christian life. Obedience brings blessing! I wanted to be blessed! I did not want to be cursed, like last time that I refused to listen! I would do what God was saying to do through my son! I would do it immediately!

Quickly, I called up my neighbor — and, wouldn’t you know it, they were available, willing, and eager to help me right then and there! Within half-an-hour, I was on top of my roof … a second story roof, way up! And, wouldn’t you know it … but that very night, there was a baseball game going in the field which is about a 5-minute walk from our house, and the powerful lights in the field were beaming themselves all the way onto our roof, so that, although it was pitch black outside, it was like day-time up on the roof! (I never realized that before, until I got up there!)

Then, it happened.

Angels surrounded me on that roof. How did I know? You had to be there … it was the most wonderful experience that I can hardly describe. Clearly, God moved in the most awesome way, and gave me the most awesome peace … and surrounded me with his angels … so that I literally began to worship him and praise him up on that roof top!

Then, as I was screwing in the last few screws, the Lord spoke to me!

“You’ve got three minutes.”

I didn’t hear it.

But I knew it.

I knew I had three more minutes to get down from off that roof!

Suddenly, that awesome sense that I could freely worship God on the roof wasn’t there anymore, because it was time for me to get down … fast!

“Bye, Nestor,” I said. “Take care and thanks for helping me!”

In about three minutes, we were safely inside … and the rains came down.

Praise God!

He does help us when we listen to him. And what tremendous blessings are in store for those who will do His will.

“For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone.” (Psalm 91:11-12)

PS The surgeon general warns that roof climbing can be dangerous for your health! Do not do so without first praying about it and making sure that you have peace from God, first!